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The Selfie Sticker and Ring
The Halo Selfie RIng
Hour Glass of Thoughts
Mrs.Peacock Clutch
Small Leopard Clutch
Leopard Print Clutch
The Halo Key Ring
Jewelry Box
Rose Clutch
The Halo Bracelet
Leopard Print Clutch
Peacock Envy Clutch and Phone Cover

S.W Creative Designs creates custom made products. Chriset Flex Technology is a unique material that sticks. It is reusable and removable. I have jewelry, selfie stickers, phone skins, clutches, compacts and more. The Halo Bracelet can hold up your phone to take a hands-free video or selfie. Chriset Stone are beautiful and range in a variety of colors. S.W. has different lines of products that can be customized or personalized. 

Mrs. Peacock Clutch
Mrs. Peacock Accessories
Peacock Envy Photo Shoot
Leopard Print Earrings
Peacock Envy Earrings
Snake Skin Clutch
Leopard print earrings
Rose Clutch and Bracelet
Clear Clutch
Fairy tale Jewelry
Leopard Print Clutch
Evening Clutch
The Cookbook Experiment Book
Leopard Print Earrings
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