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My daughter loved her LPS and I would watch her make her LPS Video Skits. It was a blessing. Several years later, I started to create my own line of products and this is a Clutch•lry box.

Half clutch/half Jewelry Box.

But I think this would be a great accessory to go with anything. You can put your figurines, jewelry inside, use it as a purse and take it where ever you go. You can make an Video with a great background or act out an scene with your figurines.

The Clutch-lry by S.W. Creative Designs is a purse and jewelry box in one. IT GLOWS IN THE DARK, when you charged it with light! It comes with a removable reusable mat, it sticks to mirrors, plastic, glass. It does not stick to you, there is no adhesive.

Choose you color at checkout or contact me with question about product.


Green Shimmer

Purple Shimmer

Pink Shimmer

White Shimmer

Yellow Shimmer

Blue Sky

I also give you a QR Scan of my Sugar Flowers Fly book.

Sugar Flowers Fly is a children's book I wrote.

Clutch-lry Box

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