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There is always two sides of the story.
S.W. Color Changer Jewelry

This set includes beautiful Necklace, Ring and Bracelet. It is a mixture of sass. In Warmth it is a flamingo pink with a little white shimmer. In the Cold it turns into a purple shimmer. Exquisite in the light and will glow in the dark. 
*colors varies because each pendant is handmade
*charge it in the light to glow in the dark

Necklace shown: 17" Stainless Steel with screw clasp
Pendant color: Flamingo Pink that changes color to Purple Shimmer
Pendant Size: 25mm Circle with CZ Diamond Design
Ring Size: 18x25 mm Oval and has a stainless steel adjustable ban
Bracelet Size: Pendant is 30 mm and metal cuff is adjustable

Color Changer Pink/Purple Necklace, Ring and Bracelet Set

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