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Hearts of Faith Facings are created to go with Hearts of Faith Earrings.

You get two sets of Heart Colors and Earring Heart Stud


Pink and Purple

You can change out the heart-facing

color on your Hearts of Faith

Earrings Set. and you can put them

on your wall, locker, mirror or phone.

Also You can mount your phone and

take a quick Selfie HANDS FREE!

Place a heart on the top and a heart on the bottom area of the phone. The more hearts you have the longer your phone will stay in place. After your phone is secure, then use your timer and take a selfie with no hands.

These little hearts can stick to

Mirrors, Glass, Plastic, Metal,

most Flat Surfaces.

Clean with Water and Dry to Renew Stick

They glow in the dark

They are removable and reusable

A mustard seed of faith

A mustard seed of strength

Through Jesus all things are possible

A Chriset Flex Product

S.W. Creative Designs

Chriset Flex Formula is a Trade Secret

Heart of Faith Set

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