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This product comes with 3 removable facings to restyle your phone case. This phone case also has the capability to mount your phone. Just remove the facing and use the Chriset backing to mount your phone to any flat surface that is a mirror, glass, plastic or metal.

Chriset is a unique material that is a renewable, removable, reusable adhesive. To clean just use cold water to remove debris and renew adhesion if needed. The Restyle it Facings are removable and created to specifically go with this case.

Phone Case Facings: Restyle It Design, Turquoise Marble w/Verse, Hummingbird Bird

You can get a different designs in the Restyle Facings Collections.

Chriset Formula is a Trade Secret

Style it Phone Case Created by S.W. Creative Designs

Restyle it Phone Case

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