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S.W. Iridescent Peacock Clutch

This beautiful Peacock clutch is double sided. Most of my clutches are single sided. This one is rare. It has an iridescent color when the light bounces off this unique piece of artwork. All my items are handmade and created from my Chriset Stone that is a trade secret. It will glow in the dark when charged in light. 
I can make matching necklace and cuff bracelet for an additional charge of $25.00 for each item.
I can make matching wallet for an additional charge of $55.00.
I can make matching mirror compact for an additional charge of 35.00.
If you would like a matching chain it is $15.00.

The S.W. Iridescent Peacoke Clutch  includes:
Double sided 
Free Shipping

S.W. Iridescent Peacock

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