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The beauty of the sunset pendant is to remind you are smart, strong, beautiful inside and out. Always remember you hold your own light, nobody else can take what is yours inside. 
Sunset Writings ®
S.W. Creative Designs

This is a 25mm pendant with a photo of a real sunset. It shimmers in the light to remind you of your light inside when you need to be reminded. It has a clasp and the necklace is clear to show off the pendant. But you can stretch it over your head to take it on and off. This necklace is about 16 inches but I can make it longer or shorter if needed. Just use the drop down box for different lengths.

The card it comes with has a quote on the back. You can flip it like an hourglass and sit it up anywhere you want. Or you put it on your frig or frame it. It shimmers too.

S.W. Pendant & Necklace

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