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You get 1 Chriset Flex ™️ The Real Selfie Sticker with Key Ring 

You can take a hands free selfie or video, use it as a key ring or just decorate your phone.

This is the coolest thing. It sticks to the back or front of your phone and it has a slight stick that adheres to these surfaces but can be reusable and removable. It is strong enough to hold up your phone no matter what brand it is. It is universal. This comes with a keyring so you can put it on your keys when you are not using it or just keep it on the back of your phone. Then it can also glow in the dark when charged with light. It is a Multi-Purpose Sticker.

(Phone and Phone case not included)

Chriset Flex Technology 

*This item is only at S.W Creative Designs. I created the material and the process, anything else is not my product.

Made in the USA

*Sticks to a flat phone case, mirrors, glass, plastic, ceramic, metal most flat unpainted surfaces.

It is a temporary reusable sticker made out of Chriset Flex (TM)

Chriset Flex Formula is a Trade Secret

Large Heart Selfie Sticker with Key Ring

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