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The Halo Bracelet is not just a regular bracelet, but a versatile accessory that offers convenience and functionality. Made from a unique material called Chriset Flex, this bracelet has a double stick ability, allowing it to adhere to most flat surfaces.

One of the main uses of the Halo Bracelet is as a phone holder. Its strong adhesive properties enable it to securely hold up your phone, whether you place it on the front or back of your device. This feature is particularly useful for taking hands-free selfies or videos, as you can simply stick your phone to a desired surface and capture moments without needing to hold it.

What sets the Halo Bracelet apart is its non-adhesive stick. Unlike traditional adhesives, this stick is reusable and removable. You can easily remove the bracelet from any surface without leaving any residue behind. This means you can reposition it multiple times or use it on different devices without any hassle.

Overall, the Halo Bracelet offers a convenient and hands-free solution for various activities. Its double stick ability, made possible by the Chriset Flex material, allows you to securely attach it to most flat surfaces. You could also use this for stress relief or fidgeting because it stretches and goes back into place.


The color is Angel White

Halo Bracelet ™️

Chriset Flex ™️

Chriset Flex Formula is a Trade Secret


*It sticks to glass, mirror, plastic, metal, most flat non painted surfaces. Glows in the dark when charged with light.

The Halo Bracelet

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