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The Halo Key Ring

This is a multi purpose key ring. It comes with the Halo Bracelet and a Heart Selfie Sticker combined into a key ring.

These are unique items created by S.W. Creative Designs. You can place the heart on your phone and carry it hands free to help be hands free for that moment you need an extra hand. You can also use these items to take a hands free selfie by adhering The Real Selfie Sticker or Halo Bracelet to the back of your phone and then adhere it to the mirror, glass, plastic, ceramic and most flat surfaces. It is just a temporary stick but it holds long enough to use for a short video or selfie. The Halo Bracelet is something you can wear where you go. You can also take these items apart and use them separately. A bracelet, a reusable sticker or a key ring.

Color is Angel White Gold

*This item does not protect your phone or any item from damage if you drop it.

Chriset Flex Formula is a Trade Secret

The Halo Key Ring

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