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This is a custom made wallet and Halo Key Ring Set.

It can hold your phone, credit cards or use it as a small purse. The Bracelet has a slight flex that you wear to hold your wallet with the ring. This set can be used for multiple purposes.

Chriset Flex Heart

*Hands free selfie

*Temporary hold wallet instead of a hook

*Phone decal

Halo Bracelet

*Wear as a bracelet

*Use as a holder for wallet

Halo Key Ring

*Hold your keys and above

The wallet is created out of my monalista material and the Halo Key Ring is created out of my Chriset Flex material.

S.W. Creative Designs

*Chriset Flex is a double non adhesive stick that is reusable and removable

Wallet with Halo Key Ring Design

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