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Chriset Flex




It is not magic, it is a talent that God showed me. He gave me creativity and to be able to keep trying. This product is very special to me. I know all the ends and outs because every day I can home from work and tried again. A formula that sticks without adhesive. The Godly part is I wanted to create a something that would hold my phone on the mirror hands free. I can use it on the back of my phone and it will stick to my mirror, glass, metal, Chriset Stone and some wood. I also wanted to place my Chriset Stone jewelry in a setting without glue. It will hold my jewelry in a metal setting without glue. Chriset Flex is a non adhesive, temporary, reusable product. I can also place designs, words or a photo on it. God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit helped me and answered my prayers.

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