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Chriset Flex Phone skin is a unique product you can use on your phone case. You can personalize it without damaging your phone. It is removable and reusable. The easiest way for me to make your customize phone skin is after purchase email me your phone type and design photo. Example: Samsung A6 and send attachment of your photo to I will send you confirmation I received it and if have any questions of customizing it to make it perfect. *Chriset Flex is Patent Pending Chriset Flex is a Temporary, not a permanent fixture. Directions 1. To get the best stick, take a damp paper towel and clean off Chriset Flex Skin surface front and back. Tap dry with dry paper towel or air dry. 2. Place evenly on phone and make sure no air is trapped by smoothing from top to bottom. Make sure corners are sealed flush. 3. Make sure good stick before you let go of what you are using it for. If it isn't sticking, redo steps 1 and 2.Also make sure the surface you are using is clean from residue or debris.Chriset Flex can stick to "MOST" surfaces. (Glass, Mirrors, Wood, Metal, Plastic, Ceramic, Resin)It can stick to paper but it is hard to remove without tearing the paper. If this happens use a wet paper to clean off. You might have to use your muscles.THE DON'TS 1. Do not place in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, boil, cook, place on hot water. It can fade the color and the Chriset Flex can distort. 2. Do not freeze itHow to remove Chriset Flex SkinMake sure it is room temperature.If extremely warm, it can stretch and be harder to remove. It will go back in place when it is settled.Start with a corner and gently pull away evenly. If you get to an area that is really sticking, gently take finger underneath area to release it free. Once you get it going it will remove freely.

Chriset Flex Phone Skins