Fairytale Style Earrings
Size: 2" Shown 
$25.00 Each Set of Earrings
Send a photo of color and I can ink it!

Ink It jewelry!
Want to match your hair?...Ink It!
Want to match your school team?...Ink It! Want to match a certain outfit but cannot find the color?..Ink It!
Want to match a beautiful sunset you took?...Ink It! Put your name on it, logos or even your artwork, with S.W. you can ink it into your jewelry. 
My material flexes with warmth and looks like glass. It also glows in the dark and shimmers in the light. 
After or before purchase, contact me at sunsetwritings1@gmail.com with photo so I can design it for you. With or without words you choice.

www swcreativedesigns.com

Ink it! Jewelry Earrings