You will get
* 1 Shask(mask)
* 1 set of Straps
* Monalista Shask can be wiped off with a disinfected wipe after each use. 

It works!
I have made many things with Monalista Material. I made earrings, necklaces, purses and now a shask. So when the outbreak happened....I decided to take another step. I combined a mask and a shield pattern together. I made a Shask. 
I wear it when I go to the grocery store or workout  and decided to branch it out. 
It stays on your nose and you can breath with out adjusting it, it does not touch your mouth and you can disinfectant quickly. It is light weight too. The straps can adjust to your comfort. 
Shask Dimension 8 across inches and a little over 4 inches long.
I can make it smaller or larger, you just need to contact me. 

This is another option compared to Cloth Mask to add a barrier. The Monalista Shask is cleanable with disinfectant wipe. 
Any questions please contact me at

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