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You will get* 1 Shask(mask)* 1 set of Straps* Canvas lining (also can be disinfected with lysol wipe)It works!I have made many things from my Chriset Flex. It is flexable, water proof, cleanable and strong. So when the outbreak happened....I decided to take another step. I combined a mask and a shield pattern together. I made a Shask. I wear it when I go to the grocery store and decided to branch it out. You can breath, disinfectant it with a lysol wipe or soap and water. It has adjustable straps and the Chriset Flex looks beautiful. You can get it plain or have design. Shask Dimension7 inches Right to Left3 to 4 inches top to bottomMy material is flexable and reusable. The straps stick to it. When not in use keep on canvas lining. It can non permanently stick to paper, metal, plastic but not your hair, hands or clothing. This is another option compared to Cloth Mask. But mine are water resistant.The best part of my Shask is that after the pandemic is not throw it away. You can use it as its original creation of purpose. It sticks to metal, glass, most surfaces but IT DOES NOT STICK to SKIN or HAIR! You can take off straps and use it as a magnet for show. It is non adhesive, temporary stick material. Any questions please contact me #mask

Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Shield and Mask Combo, Shask